Our signature bespoke 4 or 5 day Personal Residential Programmes offer an environment where women can stop doing and giving, and instead, receive deep nurture, nourishment and understanding, to take time to breathe and evaluate.

These bespoke and specialised programmes for women are totally unlike any other treatment programme you might find elsewhere. With over 30 years' experience of working with women Fiona Arrigo saw how, given the right conditions, a woman will naturally 'drop into herself' to find all the answers she needs. Underpinned by the philosophy that today's multi-tasking women need to come into a place of stillness, softness and emptiness in order to be able to process and discharge the emotions they have been holding, Our retreats are based on relaxing, letting go, addressing questions, rejuvenation, rebuilding and restoration. They are generally 4 - 7 days in length. The Arrigo Programme offers guidance, support and deep understanding to women seeking to correct the balance as they move through the four key phases of womanhood: menstruation, fertility, motherhood, menopause.

Mothers & Daughters

Mothers and daughters can have such a wonderful relationship, but sometimes, especially under pressure, it can break down. Teenage years are fraught with challenges. The developing brain doesn't mature until around 25, so our teenagers still need us. We just need to know how to connect in a way that helps them feel listened to and valued. When teenagers feel connected they are more communicative and easy going, and less likely to fall into adverse outcomes. Learning to really listen is an art and offers great healing. During time together mother and daughter have time to connect and do things together they both enjoy. Mothers can learn to really listen without becoming reactive or trying to fix their daughters, opening a channel of communication and noticing what they do that doesn't promote connection. The Arrigo Programme gives time that in the outside world is hard to find. We offer a space to grow and find new ways of being together.

Mothers To Be

'Looking After Mother' is a ground-breaking Programme. The decision to become a mother comes with a need to consider how best to nourish oneself and receive the best possible support throughout this precious transition in a woman's life. We offer a specialist bespoke Programme for women looking to conceive, whether it's their first child or their fifth, as well as for those who are already pregnant. It is aimed at deeply nurturing the reproductive faculties that are intrinsic to being a woman. Our approach encourages the emotional and spiritual growth present during these phases of seeking – or revisiting – parenthood.

Back to Nurture By Arrigo

New for 2019 are Back to Nurture Group Retreats for women. Living in nature takes us out of everyday life, to return to our natural rhythm. These new 4 day weekend retreats in the UK, offer women the opportunity to return to the land and reconnect with their deeper woman. Staying in comfortable and well-appointed tents, these weekends of returning to simpler living in tune with the natural world will include hikes, foraging, wild cooking, crafts, story-telling and star-gazing round camp fires. Coming together with like-minded people inspires hope in finding new ways to help support change and build strong communities for the future.

To speak to us about any of the above, please call the number at the foot of the page or contact us to book.

You may also be interested in our international Group Retreats for women.

Goodness where do I begin when describing my amazing experience on the Evolving Women retreat in Gaucin Spain. Inspirational, deeply moving, awakening, are just a few words that spring to mind. However what I am left with is a deeper, more nurturing understanding of myself & my place in this world. I have been so moved by the work we did & the incredible women I can now, proudly call my friends. My journey will continue ...
— Spain, September 2019
I have known Fiona Arrigo and her life-changing work for almost twenty years. Her programme is personal, profound and specific, which is why she enables clients to change their lives within a gentle, warm and nourishing environment. Fiona is an exceptional therapist, who through her expertise, experience and intuition gets to the heart of the problem and prescribes what is needed.
— Jo Foley is a journalist spa writer
This is like no other retreat in the UK in terms of its power and depth....Think of it as an emotional and physical spring clean; a time to confront the big issues in one’s life, but with total support, with the emphasis being on the individual’s worth and unique needs.
— House & Garden Wellness Review 2017
I wanted to say how much I appreciate your emphasis on love, generosity and community, which seemed to predominate throughout the week and in everything that you do, and which it has come to seem to me is a more helpful key to unlock everything than a purely inward focus. My week with you was fantastic, a great mix for me of hard work, challenge and sheer delight, and I was so grateful for all the amazing work which you and the team had put in place and did throughout the retreat. For me, it was a perfect retreat, allowing time for rest and recuperation, to learn new ways of being and to take home new practices.
— SC, September 2013