“Thank you Arrigo team, you have opened up a part of me I never knew existed, she surfaced in the beautiful safe, nurtured surroundings of the retreat and everyday, grew stronger. I feel so much more aware, at peace, happier with life and eager to learn more. Thank you.”
— Sept 2019

"My experiences during the Arrigo Programme were life changing, and I don’t say that lightly. I have no doubt that the week with Fiona and her crew changed the course of my life. I am so grateful to them.The tools they gave me enabled me to make some profound changes to my life when I arrived home. I can honestly say hand on heart that going on the Arrigo Programme was one of the best decisions I have ever made." KO

"The satisfaction of having every need met and understood was transformational." AS

"I'm so glad that I did it (retreat) as it was the most incredible series of experiences and encounters with magical people. You have really created something special." S

“Fiona has the clarity to see where a certain behaviour is dysfunctional, and the wisdom to make you see it for yourself. Then she has the talent to help you transform that into healthy, effortless change.” JW

"Intense, difficult, painful -  but wonderful." JF

"I first read about The Arrigo Programme on a day when I felt so low, that I could hardly read the magazine in front of me. I was just flicking pages - which for someone who devours books in one sitting, is a fairly bleak place to be. For whatever reason, I stopped and read the article, wrote down the name, and got on with floating zombie-like through my day. When I finally got around to admitting I might need a bit of help to lift myself back out of what I saw as a 'bit of a slump', Fiona Arrigo not only called me almost immediately to talk, but asked such perfectly phrased questions that I broke down.

My sessions on the Programme over the next three months supported me through one of the hardest spots of my life so far, shedding light not only on my present roadblocks, but also helping me to rediscover my sense of self. I kicked off the year with a residential stay, and couldn't have treated myself to a better start. I went there with grey skin, shallow breathing, and feeling empty. After a few days with her incredible collection of energy workers, I left with a spring in my step and feeling positive about the future."  AP

“I was on countless medications from psychiatrists, which marginally helped general dysfunction and clipped the real highs and lows. Fiona was the conductor who orchestrated my recovery process by directing her incredible and highly professional team to match my individual needs. Prior to this, my experience marked me as being a sheep, all herded along with the same problems to be fixed through a text book or high dosages of medication. Trauma does not depart in this fashion. Medication snuffed my spirit out. I feel I have released a thousand years of pain and tension.” NG

"I was living a life of bland existence, hiding from the pain of being a deeply wounded child. I found the Arrigo Programme and learned that we have to feel the pain to experience the healing. Through specialised, tailored programmes in magical locations, inspirational reading, mentoring and personal thought, the Arrigo Programme held me and gently nudged me forwards on my journey towards recovery. The Arrigo Team saw right through me, to the core of my being - where the magic lives. It has given me the most precious gift of all - myself - my true self. There were no big fireworks to herald any sudden change but I just felt it deep within my soul. You'll feel it working and you'll see the change within yourself and your life. It just works. It is a wondrous, inspired, joyful feeling to uncover my own worth, my own potential, my power and my purpose in this world. I can be myself and I am home. Fiona Arrigo is the most inspirational woman you'll ever meet. The Arrigo Programme has given me a zest for life and opened up my eyes and mind to the gift of living. It is with heartfelt gratitude that I write this testimonial. I hope others have the chance to experience what I have and to find true happiness within themselves." CC

“The Arrigo Programme gives you the ultimate gift of going back to 'you' – the 'you' that gets lost in deadlines, suppressed by 'priorities' and buried under pressures. It's the 'you' that silently screams that you have forgotten to listen. It's a truly joyous journey because you know instinctively that you are going home.” NJW

“I've travelled around the world looking but never before have I met this level of work – great attention to detail. This team is unique in its experience, skill and compassion. Thank you all!” SFM