For situations where a strong Specialist or Clinical approach may be required, we provide a range of Clinical Therapy.

The Clinical work we offer brings the skills of experienced specialists and leading international consultants to focus on specific issues such as addiction, fertility, depression, trauma, abuse, pain and women's issues surrounding intimacy and relationships. Clinical work is available as one-to-one sessions, in Somserset or London or as part of your Personal Residential Programme. To speak to us please call the number at the foot of the page or contact us to book.

We are delighted to be working with the following specialists:

Mary Molloy - biodynamic medicine

BA Hons; Fellow IOBM; Clinical Director of The Arrigo Programme; Principal of The Institute of Biodynamic Medicine Mary Molloy works with and has evolved the renowned clinical methods of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy developed by Clinical Psychologist Gerda Boyesen. Working in the field of biodynamic health and medicine for over 40 years, Mary specialises in treatments for essential organic relaxation and well-being; relief of physical and nervous symptoms and healing from the effects and affects of trauma and grief, howsoever caused. She has developed new and effective bespoke treatment protocols into the emerging field of Biodynamic Medicine to bring a radical, deep-rooted dimension to healing.

Biodynamic Medicine  These protocols are now exclusively available through the Arrigo Programme and at A Place to Heal in London, in collaboration with the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine. Biodynamic Medicine is defined as the art and science of healing in accordance with biodynamic principles. It is based on well established, safe and proven biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy practices developed over 60 years by eminent Clinical Psychologist Gerda Boyesen. Recent research in neuro-science has indicated that the gut and brain are directly connected, and each play a crucial role in recovery from trauma and stress, howsoever caused. Mary Molloy has developed new clinical protocols over 30 years from the combination of core biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy theory and practice and recent research findings in neuroscience.

The aim of biodynamic medicine is to ensure and restore the circulation of life energy to and between the brain, heart and gut. Whatever may have happened in life, it does not ‘matter’ – the essential aim is to restore the flow of energy ( bio-dynamic) and normal, natural health and well-being. As well as psychotherapy, talking, bodywork and working on the body without touch ( bio-field) biodynamic medicine applies specialised treatment protocols using a loudspeaker stethoscope placed on the abdomen of the client to monitor brain and gut activity (psycho-peristalsis feedback) during the session. Biodynamic medicine works to restore the normal function of the life-saving ‘fight and flight’ and ‘freeze mechanism’ responses so that they are only activated when needed and do not remain constantly switched-on or shut down. It works to re engage the draining function of the glymphatic system in the brain and monitoring psychological activity in the gut - the central and all nervous systems begin to settle and deeply relax.

It works to support normal activity of the neuroceptors rooted in the brain, heart and gut and restore the normal function of the social engagement system that is our birthright and the basis for good relationship to self and others. When we are and feel safe and able to function as normal body starts to yawn, stretch and have full breath release. The heart return to balance via spontaneous breath and mindfulness awareness and coherence, consciousness, peace and well-being is restored. Biodynamic medicine brings a radical new dimension to total wellbeing and a welcome return to vibrant natural heath. The Arrigo Programme is now able to offer the opportunity of attending the residential Biodynamic Clinic in Killala, Ireland. More details can be found at the end of this page.

lowell riezouw - PSYCHOTHERAPY, homeopathy, radionics

Lowell has trained extensively in body-oriented psychotherapy, radionics and classical homeopathy. With over 25 years of clinical practice and research, he has developed a unique and powerful therapy that aims to detect the underlying causes of physical, emotional and mental disharmonies and gently dissolve them, bringing greater health and freedom to mind and body. His experience ranges from all forms chronic and deep seated disturbances including mental/emotional states, fertility, allergies, cancer, autism, childhood illnesses, learning disabilities. Lowell has also studied Eastern and Western philosophies and meditation techniques for over 30 years, which he incorporates into his work.


BA Psych; MSC LCD; Dip.AP; MBACP; UKCP; COSRT Gaylin has 32 years of experience as a psychologist and latterly as a psychotherapist. Her training encompassed many and varied schools of thought and now mostly works in an Integrative way which blends psycho-dynamic counselling with systemic therapy. Her initial Doctoral Work was looking at alcohol and it’s impact on intimacy and currently is on sex in the 21st Century. She has a PHD in Research. Gaylin has worked as a researcher, lecturer and in Developing Leadership styles that are unique to the indvidual. She currently spends a lot of time cross culturally, working all over the world and has published a book on Alcohol Awareness and Relationships. Her Doctoral Work is current.

Simon Heathcote - psychotherapy

Simon Heathcote is a Psychotherapist and healer who has developed a unique way of working, drawing on Jungian concepts, mysticism and archetypal psychology to help return clients to their essence or deep soul. He specialises in relationship addiction. An award-winning writer, former newspaper editor and broadsheet travel writer, he underwent a profound inner journey of meditation which he brings to his work. Simon trained at Broadway Lodge (Britain's first specialist addiction treatment centre) and worked at The Priory, Roehampton, specialising in the treatment of sex and love addiction helping clients find antidotes to their dis-ease through rediscovering their own innate creativity and spirituality. Using an integrated approach, Simon works dealing with simple but helpful changes in cognition to a deeper exploration where necessary. This could include working with psychodynamic issues, addiction work and deep inner child work in which the client is able to gently re-parent themselves and become aware of the different voices within. Drawing on the wisdom of the soul, sessions may track and alleviate patterns (samskaras) that may be lodged in the client’s ancestry, which require deeper work to dislodge.

DARRELL M PACINI - counselling PSYCHology

M.Ed RCC Darrell has over 25 years experience. He has studied and integrated skills from Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Neuropsychology, Philosophy and Mindfulness practice, using an integrative practical approach that includes CBT, EFT & EMDR to assist people in personal growth and transformation. As a Psychotherapist in private practice, Counsellor, Therapist and Life Coach, Darrell specialises in treating individuals and couples who are dealing with addiction recovery, loss and grief issues and those looking for personal meaning or purpose in life.

Amanda Rothwell - five element acupuncture

Lic.Ac, BSc (Hons), MBAcC Amanda offers a blended style of Traditional Acupuncture founded on 5 Element Constitutional practice and integrated with Traditional Chinese Medicine. A thorough and complete method to counterbalance disease and promote health and wellbeing, it seeks to understand the emotional roots of illness whilst also considering other forces influencing health such as lifestyle and familial traits. The quality and balance of ‘vital energy’, including emotional and spiritual arenas of experience and traditional pulse and tongue diagnosis is followed by acupuncture techniques to free and redirect vital energy. Amanda trained and worked as a Registered General Nurse for 15 years prior to her 14 year career in Traditional Acupuncture. During this time she has developed specialist experience in caring for women assisting fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause.

We are also delighted to be working in collaboration with the following:


Dr Martin Galy  MB; BCh; BAO; LRCP&SI Dr Galy has practiced in many areas of traditional medicine, including general practice for 10 years, and addiction treatment for 10 years, while working in many countries including the UK, Ireland and Trinidad. He is fully registered with the GMC. Dr Galy trained in Bioidentical Hormones with The Age Management Medicine Group in the USA. He has been diagnosing hormone imbalances and prescribing BHRT for men and women for a number of years now, establishing The Bio-rejuvenation Clinic, London.


Emma Cannon  BSc We are privileged to be working with Emma Cannon to support couples or individuals who want to improve their health prior to conceiving, who have been trying to conceive for a while or who want to prepare for IVF – the aim being to support the couple's orthodox treatments. Firstly couples/individuals will attend a consultation at Emma's London clinic, The Fertility Rooms, where a bespoke programme is designed, focusing on specific treatments and diet. The couple or individual will then spend two, three or four days at The Arrigo Programme retreat, where they will receive therapies under Emma's guidance.

healthy living, nutritional medicine

Dr Shideh Pouria Dr Shideh Pouria has been practising medicine for 25 years. She raises awareness of the way our bodies interact with our environment, lifestyle and dietary habits. Healthy nutrition and personal care products all play a part in ensuring good health. Dr Pouria practices according to the principles of Environmental and Nutritional Medicine from her private practice in London, where she helps her clients unravel the underlying reasons for their health issues and helps them find their individualised path to recovery. She uses a combination of conventional, novel and natural interventions in her practice.


Shomit Mitter  M.Phil (Oxon), Ph.D (Cantab), Dip Hyp Dip PLT&SRT Shomit Mitter is one of London’s leading hypnotherapists. He trained under Dr. Keith Hearne and Dr. Roger Woolger, and has spent 30 years studying ancient Indian, Chinese, Egyptian and Shamanic systems of healing. Much of his work over the years has involved an amalgamation of these systems with cutting edge modern western hypnotherapy. Shomit is a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, and he is registered with the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council.


Dr Stephen Pereira MD; FRCPsych; DPM; MSc; MBBS Dr Stephen Pereira has over 30 years experience in psychiatry and acute mental healthcare. He is a highly regarded specialist in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and has considerable experience in the diagnosis and treatment of work-related stress disorders. He is also a specialist in the ‘neurosis’ spectrum of psychiatric disorders including anxiety, depression and associated addiction problems. Currently Consultant Psychiatrist at Keats House at London Bridge and Capio Nightingale Hospital, Lisson Grove and The London CBT Centre, he is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry at Guys, Kings, St Thomas’s School of Medicine and Chairman of NAPICU, a National Association of Psychiatric Intensive Care Units, the National Lead for Intensive Care Psychiatry at the Department of Health


Dr Alberto Pertusa PhD; Doctor of Medicine (LMS); MSc Affective Neuroscience; MSc Research Methodology Dr Pertusa is an Accredited Adult Psychiatrist, GMC Specialist Register and Specialist Associate member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych). He is Section 12 approved & Approved Clinician status. Dr Pertusa’s scope of practice includes general adult psychiatry such as ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Sleep problems and other psychiatric conditions. Dr Pertusa was the Research & Development Lead for Cambian Healthcare from 2013 to 2016 and currently works in private practice in Harley Street, London. He is also an Associate Editor of the Spanish Journal of Psychology and an independent reviewer for several scientific journals.

The Biodynamic Clinic, Killala, Ireland

We have offered Biodynamic sessions for over twenty years in Somerset and elsewhere, and are now pleased to introduce the Biodynamic Clinic in Killala, Ireland. The Biodynamic Clinic is located in the historic Quay Cottages overlooking the sea in the picturesque village of Killala on the Wild Atlantic Way, a perfect setting for peace, reflection and healing away from the usual demands or pressures of life. Killala is home to a variety of birds and wildlife as well as major historic including neolithic sites and nearby Bartragh Island. Residentials at the Biodynamic Clinic can be from 3 -30 days depending on your needs. You will stay in a simple, private, open plan (former thatched house) Irish cottage in newly refurbished accommodation adjacent to The Biodynamic Clinic on Quay Road along from Killala Quay and Harbour. Delicious food and refreshments will be provided according to your specific requirements. There are beautiful beaches, sand dunes, greenways, historical places to visit, to walking trails, cycle hire, and you can also visit the famous seaweed baths a few miles away.

The attention to detail that is taken by Fiona and her team for the individual is perfect. I have always known since my first conversation with Fiona that I am going to be safe and listened to.
— SG

Thank you, Fiona. I am so grateful to you and your wise team for enabling me to step back on to the path. I have felt so divorced from my authentic self for so long, that I literally feel warmer in my bones now that I’m facing in the right direction again, to embark on this journey.
— FW