Skype can be an invaluable and intimate means of communication for those seeking deep mentoring and guidance as a path to peace amidst busy times. 

Fiona’s eminently practical and highly-skilled approach teaches people not avoidance of life, but how to be dependent on themselves.
— Harpers & Queen

Our Skype sessions are offered as a support system as part of your on-going Arrigo Programme, or after you leave your residential retreat. The aim is to lend further inspiration, encouragement and reinforcement of the practical wisdom learned during your Programme.

Skype sessions can be booked with Fiona Arrigo or other specialist Arrigo Programme Practitioners from the renowned Arrigo team. All Skype Support Programmes are designed and personally curated by Fiona Arrigo and are available to support you over 3 months, 6 months or a year. They typically cost £135 plus vat per session and last 45 - 60 minutes and are pre-scheduled to suit your timetable.

As well as providing her personal mentoring as Skype sessions, Fiona also advocates the work of the following coaches via Skype. Please call the number at the foot of the page or contact us here to book.


clinical specialist Skype Coaches 

Mary Molloy  

Mary's unique skills of listening and presence can help you get to the crux of whatever is the matter, complete emotional cycles, find ways to resolve emotional conflict and move forward in your life with newly found confidence. By talking things through, we can literally work them out and eliminate the effects of stress or trauma. Mary helps you to express what may have previously seemed inexpressible - to “get it out” of you once and for all. With the recent understanding of brain plasticity in neuroscience, you will be helped to create new neural pathways, gain insights and develop new ways of thinking, being and relating, instead of perhaps feeling stuck or recycling old patterns of thinking and behaviour. This can be a truly transformative process bringing renewed joy in your life. Skype calls with Mary give follow-up support and ongoing articulation of your biodynamic process initiated at the Arrigo Programme and consolidates the benefits of the work you have accomplished.

Christophe Sauwerwein

It is absolutely possible to have Skype sessions, and to some extend it is when we out of our comfort zone on a business trip or extremely busy and challenged that we most need help. This is when Skype helps us to offload, to reach out to find this safe place where we can be heard, no matter the distance. I believe it can be hugely beneficial. It is my responsibility to take into account the distant dimension of the session so that client does not feel it as a block. The only requirement is that a safe, quiet and confidential pace to settle down and talk freely is found, without the risk of interference during the session.

Simon Heathcote

Skype coaching and psychotherapy sessions provide a safe and convenient platform to find help with what is troubling you. Using an integrated approach, I meet people where they are at which could mean anything from dealing with simple but helpful changes in cognition to a deeper exploration where necessary. This could include working with psychodynamic issues, addiction work and deep inner child work in which the client is able to gently re-parent themselves and become aware of the different voices within. Drawing on the wisdom of the soul, sessions may track and alleviate patterns (samskaras) that may be lodged in the client’s ancestry, which require deeper work to dislodge.


Other practitioner Skype Coaches 

Barbara Boxhall   Barbara's approach to life and work is ‘loving, connected presence’. Her many years of mindful meditation practice and long term teacher training, combined with over 25 years’ experience as a Counsellor, is all imbued with loving awareness and compassion. Aninfectious combination which is both enriching and containing; supporting growth and expansion into a way of being that is completely natural to everyone but often buried beneath the stresses and demands of today’s world

Chrissy White   Sessions provide the nurturing and support needed to understand why food choices have such a profound effect on our lives. They encourage a way of eating restores balance to our relationship with food, ending painful digestion and emotional eating. We activate the body's powerful desire to heal itself whilst finding and maintaining natural weight, significantly increasing energy levels and enjoying clarity of mind. Chrissy also works to help awaken authenticity whilst clearing habits of thought and behaviour that no longer serve us, soothing an exhausted body, easing an overwhelmed mind and restoring the connection to spirit.

Jady Mountjoy   Jady is an experienced doula and natural childbirth educator, acting as advocate and nurturer in all aspects of antenatal, birth and postnatal care. She has worked with pregnant and birthing women in hospital and home situations.

John Wadsworth   Astrology is an ancient art of celestial interpretation based on the positions of the planets at the moment of your birth. As an astrologer, John works to reveal underlying patterns and life themes through an understanding of the astrological signatures in the birth chart, helping to guide the person to a greater-level of self-understanding. The birth chart can reveal character and calling, motivations, strengths and challenges in life.  It can also shed light upon such areas as vocational direction, relationships, health, money and business, family issues, and spiritual direction. 

Kalindi Jordan  Kalindi is a Intimacy Coach. She has a deep passion for women to experience and explore their pleasure in a conscious, present & embodied way. She has spent the last 20 years in the arena of complementary health, working with people on their emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual levels. She has a creative, energetic presence that has enabled women to come in touch with their natural magnetism. Her passion is to inspire people to realize their deepest beauty and awaken to their highest potential as human beings.

Lasare Maloney   Lasare is a Personal Transformation Coach, specialising in helping manage feelings, bodies, life purpose, self-care and relationships. Using the tools of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Breathwork, Guided Meditations, Body awareness and Energy Clearing practices, Lasare brings a fluid and often fun exploration of life, with an instinct for spotting self limiting patterns. These tools can be integrated into daily life. This work grounds an understanding of how the spiritual must become practical and accessible in everyday life, felt and seen tangibly in our bodies and relationships.

Louisa Patterson   Louisa uses tools such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Theta Healing to assist clients in clearing out old negative mental and emotional patterning while using her vast experience from Kinesiology, and various other energetic healing modalities to compassionately listen and guide her clients to a new free inner way of being. As we heal our inner thought patterns, and break through family and collective negative patterns, our reality begins to shift and change and we begin to free ourselves from past trauma, and beliefs.

Mark Shanagar   Mark's insight through the Ayurvedic and Shamanic lineages allows him to offer deep and thorough support. He works on the soul level through to the physical helping retrieve lost resources, understand and clear negative challenges and re-balance the energetic field. His work helps develop more clarity and awareness of the support available in life. Mark also works with Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment to detoxify, replenish and rejuvenate the body and mind and anchor the changes that are being made.

Roma    Roma supports parents to establish strong connection and emotional safety within the family, her approach draws on pragmatic, trauma informed, therapeutic parenting tools which are in line with current neuroscience. Guiding the unraveling of the impact of unresolved issues on parenting to create a new paradigm for relating brings ease and fulfillment. This approach is relevant from babies to teenagers and might work on topics such as setting limits, siblings, aggression, separation issues, toddler tantrums, school struggles, bullying, teen disconnection, sexuality, picky eating, potty training, sleep struggles, whining/clingyness/crying/colic/birth trauma.