The Arrigo Programme is now working with men, offering London and Somerset clinic sessions, mentoring, personal coaching and support, as well as Residential Retreat Programmes.

For generations, Western men have been taught to deny their feelings – with many men today struggling to find their identity in a world of ever-increasing demands. Addictions, compulsions, burn out, stress, depression and loss have led to an urgent need to take time to step out and self evaluate. The Arrigo Men’s Programme is committed to aiding men in rediscovering themselves and combines strength and stillness, action and contemplation, being and becoming, amid a growing self awareness.
We offer men a personal bespoke Retreat Programme to focus on issues that need to be addressed. Staying in their own private cottage in Somerset, treatments may include psychotherapy, meditation, breath and bodywork to help promote profound personal growth, returning men to relationships and work, renewed.

To start a conversation about a Programme for you, please contact us here.

Programmes can include such themes as:

What is authentic man, sexual man, spiritual man
Dealing with emotion, projection, relationships
Dealing with sexual and intimacy based issues
Bringing deeper connection and love into relationships
How do men relate to other men, to women, to their children

This is like no other retreat in the UK in terms of its power and depth....Think of it as an emotional and physical spring clean; a time to confront the big issues in one’s life, but with total support, with the emphasis being on the individual’s worth and unique needs.
— House & Garden Wellness Review 2017