The opportunity of personal one-to-one sessions with Fiona Arrigo can be arranged in London or Somerset. These dialogue sessions allow Fiona to guide conversation, contemplation and inquiry to help inspire clarity, reveal and resolve life issues and provide on-going support. Sessions are also available in New York.  


personal One-to-One sessions with Fiona

Personal appointments are a unique opportunity to spend valuable time with Fiona, and are held in London or Somerset. An initial consultation is 90 minutes and costs £190 plus vat. Subsequent sessions can be 60 minutes or 90 minutes long (£130/£160 plus vat). Many who have attended a residential Arrigo Programme choose this route for further encouragement and reinforcement of the practical wisdom learned on their retreat. Fiona equally welcomes all new clients. These one-to-one sessions are highly acclaimed and feature in The Telegraph's 'Stella' magazine of 28 February 2016. Please call the number at the foot of the page or contact us here to book.

My sessions with Fiona supported me through one of the hardest spots of my life so far, shedding light not only on my present roadblocks, but also helping me to rediscover my sense of self.
— AP

mind cleanse sessions with Fiona

The longer 'Mind Cleanse' sessions offer an in-depth opportunity to explore the more negative life issues and how these can be changed. These sessions are 3 or 5 hours in length (£400/£750 plus vat), and allow participants time for contemplation and letting go, encouraged by Fiona's deep support and guidance. Please call the number at the foot of the page or contact us here to book.

Often, conventional therapy works by slow stealth. This was speedier and more proactive; it allowed perspective, zoomed in on traumas I’d brushed away rather than faced – and allowed reflection that I feel will permit gentle, healing sadness, rather than grim denial. But also, it presented me with a clearer, more positive vision of who I am, and what matters. Certainly, life isn’t fixed in a day, but in those five hours, Fiona and I agree that we covered three months’ worth of sessions. And I feel brighter and more confident than I have in years. Not bad for an afternoon’s work.
— The Telegraph Lifestyle Magazine

day clinics in somerset

Day Clinics are also available for extended and concentrated therapy time. These are usually offered by Fiona to existing clients who wish to experience a deeper level of therapeutic work. These may suggested as an option for those with busy lifestyles who are not able to attend a residential retreat, or as a follow up to a personal retreat. Fiona provides access to other Arrigo Programme Practitioners during these days as required. A healthy, nutritious light lunch is provided. These cost from £930 plus vat, according to the treatment schedule advised.


mentoring via skype

Skype or telephone sessions are a popular way for people with busy lifestyles to benefit from regular personal mentoring and support. Fiona may recommend a specialist Arrigo practitioner to work with you. More about this method of therapeutic help and mentoring can be found here. Skype sessions are pre-arranged, and can be part of your Arrigo Programme retreat 'aftercare', or as a one-to-one coaching Programme. Sessions are based on individual needs but typically cost from £120 plus vat for 45 - 60 minute sessions. Short courses of block bookings are recommended. Please call the number at the foot of the page or contact us here to book.

Fiona lets you take the lead, allows you to sketch a picture of where you are in your life for her. Then her queries get more precise, right to the root of the issue. Seated side-by-side on a sofa, or speaking to you via Skype, she dismisses the logical ‘head stuff’. Her style of therapy, honed over 35 years, is more instinctive. She draws connections between your thoughts, feelings and actions that you can’t see for yourself. And you’ll listen when she does, because they ring true. And they show you what needs to change.
— Francesca White, Tatler