The Arrigo Programme has grown over 40 years from a deep understanding that we now live in complex and often turbulent times, and more than ever need time out to reconnect with our own deep wisdom, attend to what causes us stress and distress, and find our joy.

Our world-renowned philosophy of care has been developed by our founder Fiona Arrigo, a qualified psychotherapist, intuitive healer, mentor and life teacher to meet life’s ever changing needs and soothe its stresses. The Programme works to unwind and navigate your stories and make sense of them to help you find understanding, resolution and peace. What you will find is an intelligent, modern, heartfelt approach to health and well-being that encompasses spiritual growth and emotional happiness, deep nurturing and rest.

A unique and effective system has evolved that powerfully combines integrated body treatments with a sensitive mix of coaching, psychotherapy, and mentoring. Your personal Programme is carefully designed and supervised, with the intent to hold you in kindness on your own personal journey. It can include a carefully designed mix of clinic sessions, personal mentoring, skype support or bespoke residential retreats.

The Arrigo Programme has three special elements. The first is Fiona’s extraordinary intuition, compassion and ability to heal, enhanced by many years’ experience. The second is her network of gifted and dedicated therapists who specialise in a wide variety of treatments for body, mind and spirit. The third is the team behind the personal retreats, who help to create the nurturing environment in which everyone can let go.

Our provision is wide-ranging. Perhaps you have a profound need to rest, and catch your breath. Or perhaps you are dealing with grief, loss, addiction, a difficult relationship, a major trauma, stress or burn out. We are known for holding people through deep transformation and emotional detoxing, so that they can obtain a deeper understanding of the Self and live more authentically. Often clients are at a crossroads. The right approach delivered with a loving touch can make all the difference at such times.

Ours is a feminine, holistic approach to healing which works for everyone: men, women, wives, daughters, mothers. We are about the work of the heart, mind, and spirit. You will feel rebuilt, reconnected, refuelled, and gently stronger.

We address the core question of how to live today with more balance and happiness, and remember what’s important – you. If you feel you have neglected yourself, lost focus or need a compassionate, nurturing space to reassess your life, The Arrigo Programme is for you.