Bringing the Arrigo Team to London

Our London Clinic starts in a small way in May 2017. It will be based at 2 Drayson Mews in Kensington High Street, convenient for High Street Kensington Underground Station. The clinic will be available 3 days a week and open to anyone wishing to experience our highly skilled and experienced body of practitioners. They may be of special interest to those wishing to continue with the work done on retreat in Somerset.

The treatments available will be Biodynamic Medicine, Tibetan Pulsing, Five Element Acupuncture, Transformational Breathwork, Addiction Therapy, Psychotherapy, Homeopathy & Radionics, Kinesiology & Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

More information about this and the dates certain therapists will be available will be posted shortly. Pre-booking of sessions will be required.

“The 21st-century disease is depletion,” she (Fiona) says. “Women are multitaskers and the knock-on effect is adrenal exhaustion.” The issues that women face today, she says, result from “historical, genetic, emotional and mental pressures to live up to who we think we should be”.
— How To Spend It Magazine