The Arrigo Team in London

London Clinic Sessions are available for Arrigo Programme clients at our sister company A Place to Heal, offering a range of treatments with our highly skilled and experienced body of Practitioners. This may be of special interest to those wishing to continue with the work done during your Personal Residential Programme in Somerset. Your treatments will be personally curated by Fiona Arrigo.

The treatments currently available include Biodynamic Medicine, Transformational Breathwork, Addiction Therapy, Psychotherapy, Nutritional Therapy, Homeopathy and Radionics. Pre-booking of sessions is required. For more information and the dates our Practitioners are available in London please call the number at the foot of the page or contact us. Please see costs here.

You may also be interested to see the website A Place to Heal for more information about events being held at this venue.

Mary Molloy  
Biodynamic Medicine

Fellow IOBM, Clinical Director of The Arrigo Programme and Principal of the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine. Mary works with the renowned clinical Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy. Mary offers specialised treatment sessions for deep organic relaxation, well-being and relief of physical and nervous symptoms and healing from the effects and affects of trauma and grief.

fiona arrigo  
Director of the Arrigo London clinic

Founder of the highly acclaimed Arrigo Programme, Fellow IOBM, and internationally recognised Psychotherapist, Mentor and profoundly intuitive Healer, Fiona Arrigo is acknowledged as a true leader in her field. Working with her signature compassion and mindfulness, Fiona offers deeply insightful, therapeutic sessions and also personally oversees and curates your London Clinic treatment programme.

simon heathcote
clinical psychotherapy,
addiction counselling

Simon Heathcote is a Psychotherapist and Healer who has developed a unique way of working, drawing on Jungian concepts, Mysticism and Archetypal Psychology to help return clients to their essence. He specialises in Relationship Addiction. Simon trained at Broadway Lodge (Britain’s first specialist Addiction Treatment Centre) and worked at The Priory, Roehampton, specialising in the treatment of sex and love addiction helping clients find antidotes to their dis-ease through rediscovering their own innate creativity and spirituality. Drawing on the wisdom of the soul, sessions may track and alleviate patterns (samskaras) that may be lodged in the client’s ancestry, which require deeper work to dislodge.

tea novo
nutritional therapy

Tea’s Nutritional Therapy is a naturopathic treatment based on the principle that our bodies do what is best for us. If we become disconnected from ourselves or our environment, we get sick. Emotional and physical symptoms, disposition, lifestyle, diet and medical history are considered to discover the specific needs of a treatment programme. This may include dietary changes, natural treatments and personalised supplementation.

lowell riezouw
clinical psychotherapy
homeopathy, radionics marh

Lowell specialises in Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, Radionics and Classical Homeopathy. Over 25 years of clinical practice he developed a therapy to detect the causes of physical, emotional and mental disharmonies, and dissolve them bringing greater health to mind and body. Experienced in treating chronic conditions and deep seated disturbances. Lowell studied Eastern and Western philosophies and Meditation techniques for over 30 years, which he incorporates into his work.

julie ann horrox
transformational breath®

Julie Ann is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator. Working with the breath for 18 years, she has gained a wide breadth of knowledge using conscious breathwork that empowers to clear mental and emotional blocks, to feel lighter, freer and more deeply connected to your divine self. Transformational Breath® is a loving and powerful process of self-healing.


“The 21st-century disease is depletion. Women are multitaskers and the knock-on effect exhaustion. The issues that women face today result from historical, genetic, emotional and mental pressures to live up to who we think we should be”.
— Fiona Arrigo