A selection of kind words from those attending The Arrigo Programme Group Retreats for women.

The ‘Evolving Woman’ Retreat in Gaucín/Spain was very special for me. Even though personal development has been a focus and passion of mine for many years, the week with Fiona and her team gave me new, valuable insights about myself and fresh perspectives on what it means to be a woman in today’s society. Fiona shares her messages in an incredibly inspiring, passionate, loving, and caring way. She revives the tradition of women’s circle and reminds us of the power of sisterhood. The retreat is hosted in a beautiful location which adds its magic to a truly nurturing experience.
— Spain, September 2019
A few meetings with Fiona Arrigo in London, transformed my life. It saved me from my self destructive self. She helped me make my life function, for me. The retreat in Spain, Gaucin, that followed has profoundly altered my self belief, my view of this beautiful world, as well as my internal one. I now feel part of something bigger and greater and the magic I experience, is deep, meaningful and better than anything I have ever known. To know it has been there all along...to know, that we all have the ability to feel this..I have truly met me. I also haven’t laughed that much or cried that much for many many years. Thank you from all my heart.
— Spain, September 2019
The retreat was truly amazing, I really now understand why you do them and I can so feel the result. Each day was different yet perfect and each day I learnt more about myself and life, and much more important, the confidence to say what I want and what I need - now that is a real result.
— India, September 2017
I had high expectations coming to the retreat but it truly exceeded my expectations and really gave me what I needed and more.
— India, September 2017
Thank you for the most inspiring and transforming week in Normandy. Your amazing gifts of care, insight and thoughtfulness created a space that was safe, beautiful and magical for us all, and with the power to make real change. The loving kindness extends through the group sessions and body work, the house is beautiful and the food restorative. I can’t wait to come back!
— September 2015
The Arrigo experience is one of life affirming pure love. A spacious holding of truth, sincerity, wisdom and unity. A space where you can go to the depths and know that at your core, your essence, you are held and seen and heard. It is truth in motion. It is a seeing through the eyes of the soul. Just go.
— September 2015
A safe and protected opportunity for me to test my reality with that of others and to adjust my beliefs formed to explain old experiences which are no longer valid in the present circumstances of my life. The programme enabled me to change stubborn behavior patterns and begin a renewal process full of potential. The weight of false assumptions and stories was lifted from me and I felt free and without limitations to create the life I want to live. There was a real feeling of magic having taken place. I felt nourished by the scrumptious food and loving company.
— DS
I decided to go on The Arrigo retreat to continue my personal development. To give myself some time and space away from everyday living and to commune with other women in a deep and meaningful way. I went with an open heart. I wasn’t disappointed the quality of experience was incredible. Fiona with an amazing team of practitioners met my every need. Every desire was taken care of with so much love and thought so that I was able to totally relax into the experience and soak it all in knowing that my every need was being attended to. We laughed, we cried, we shared, we sang, we reflected, we swam, we ate, we rested, we talked. My heart was filled.
— EC
I wanted to say how much I appreciate your emphasis on love, generosity and community, which seemed to predominate throughout the week and in everything that you do, and which it has come to seem to me is a more helpful key to unlock everything than a purely inward focus. My week with you was fantastic, a great mix for me of hard work, challenge and sheer delight, and I was so grateful for all the amazing work which you and the team had put in place and did throughout the retreat. For me, it was a perfect retreat, allowing time for rest and recuperation, to learn new ways of being and to take home new practices.
— SC
There is a magic when we come together, to deeply nurture ourselves and heal. As we heal, our outer world heals; nothing is separate. Our retreats offer simple ways to deepen into compassion, peace and wisdom, and show us how we can share this with others.
— Fiona Arrigo