The Arrigo Programme hosts Group Retreats and workshops for like-minded women in collaboration with internationally renowned, inspirational healers and teachers, both in the UK and abroad.

Over the past nine years The Arrigo Programme has held an on-going schedule of exclusive Group Retreats for women. These residential events have been held at beautiful, tranquil hideaways where it is possible to truly relax and benefit from the wisdom and experience shared on the course. Our retreats, typically for groups of between 10 and 15 guests, introduce high-acclaimed keynote speakers and specialist practitioners to facilitate talks, discussion and one-to-one consultations in surroundings that are inspirational and uplifting. Our Group Retreats are sister to our bespoke Personal Residential Programmes in Somerset, UK - and offer an opportunity to sample the Arrigo philosophy and healing therapy of care. If you would like to be amongst the first to know about our Group Retreats, please subscribe to our mailing list at the foot of this page.

NEW for 2020 - Back to Nurture by Arrigo

These new 4 day weekend retreats in the UK will take place every other month starting from January 2020. They offer women the opportunity to return to the land and reconnect with their deeper woman. With a deep emphasis on Nature, to return to our natural rhythm, you will be staying in beautiful and comfortable accommodation with the opportunity to do much work inside wonderful Mongolian tents. These weekends offer time and space to reset; for hikes, foraging, wild cooking, crafts, story-telling and star-gazing round camp fires and much-acclaimed individual Arrigo sessions. Coming together with like-minded people inspires hope in finding new ways to help support change and build strong communities for the future. Read more about Back to Nurture here.

SEE OUR Upcoming Arrigo International Group Retreats

Other dates and venues may be added to the list below. To speak to us please call the number at the foot of the page, or contact us to book.

1 - 8 March 2020  ‘Rest Restore Deepen‘  RAAS Devigarh, India

Fiona returns to the wonderful palace of RAAS Devigarth, India, for this inspirational retreat to continue her Evolving Woman series.

12 - 18 September 2019 Evolving Woman Retreat, Gaucin, Spain

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It was a wonderful, safe, nurturing experience where I was able to relax for the first time in many years. The week was truly restorative. It aided a level of connection to others that I had never before experienced, and will remain a time that I will treasure.”
— CP
What I am experiencing more and more is the deep need for humanity to come together; to share; to grieve; to tell stories; to dance to share food. To be witnessed and heard is such powerful healing; this ancient way to be with our tribe cannot be overlooked; we need to be together; we thirst to bond and belong; we need time to process and make sense of our stories that everyday life often robs us of; this essential richness. This is what we do at Arrigo, time to share your stories, be heard, be witnessed, be love, community.
— Fiona Arrigo
Fiona possesses so much wisdom; real, honest, down-to-earth wisdom. She’s no New Age fakery maker, spinning fluffy unicorns and angel dust. She teaches with heart and guts, passion and groundedness - from the depth of a lifetime at the coalface of physical and emotional wellbeing. She calls her work “How to live as a 21st century human” - I call it bloody fantastic.”
— Jane Alexander, bestselling author of over 20 books on wellbeing