Our Clinical work is applied in many situations. Addiction recovery, trauma and grief counselling are some of the most relevant conditions requiring specialist help in our world today. 

States such as depression, low self esteem, anger and anxiety are also closely linked to these conditions - often needing to be treated simultaneously. The Arrigo Programme provides a totally bespoke and multi-layered clinical approach to address the individual issues as required. We have specialists experienced in the various forms of addiction, as well as grief and trauma and related conditions. Unlike regular addiction programmes, clients are not required to partake in groups (although 12-step group work may be recommended as part of secondary treatment). Our holistic treatment package works with body, mind and spirit to restore the whole person. It is this blend of the best of current conventional wisdom on addiction, including the latest developments in trauma work, together with both body and energetic work that allows us to help each person find that unique path to recovery. There is a strong educational component at the core of the Programme that encourages understanding of the co-dependency at the heart of addiction, and how to negotiate cravings and plateaus in the recovery process.

People who come to Somerset for specialised Personal Residential Programmes, return to their everyday life with ongoing support and the option of returning to the this retreat-style environment for follow-up care. Our approach is designed to help you heal with the support of some of the best therapies and specialists available - not with a generic approach, but that designed solely and uniquely for you. See more information about our specialist Clinical team here.

To speak to us please call the number at the foot of the page or contact us to book.

Fiona Arrigo has been one of the most transformative people I have ever encountered in my life. She has a deep wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the human psyche, eastern religions and healing techniques and is highly intuitive. What took me 10 years to achieve in traditional therapy took 10 minutes with Fiona. She is a miracle worker and I have recommended her to friends around the world who all thank their lucky stars to have her guiding their path.
Fiona Arrigo is well known in the world of alternative medicine for working with those afflicted with depression and addiction. The treatments here are tailored to the differing needs of each individual, and are designed to bring about deep emotional release.
— Bazaar Magazine