Set in the heart of the English countryside Back to Nurture is the latest vision of Fiona Arrigo, offering a place to come together, to unwind and reconnect with your inner self and, by listening and receiving, return to your natural rhythm. 

These new 4 day weekend retreats in the UK will take place every other month starting from January 2020. They offer women the opportunity to return to reconnect with their deeper woman and have award-winning individual Arrigo sessions. With a deep emphasis on Nature, Fiona Arrigo and her expert team will guide you on a four day choreographed journey to return to our natural rhythm, inviting you to deep rest, self-nourishment and contemplation. In today’s demanding world, it is easy to loose sight of the simplicity that the human spirit craves and allows us to rest and hear our own instinctual voice. We welcome you to join us, staying in beautiful and comfortable accommodation, working in wonderful Mongolian tents, to return to a simpler way of being; to forge new alignments with the rhythms of nature and each other; to leave renewed - reconnected with your heart, family, community and the wider world around you. Coming together with like-minded people inspires hope in finding new ways to help support change and build strong communities for the future.

As we restore simplicity to our lives, we restore our natural well being. By coming together to work on ourselves we create great potential to positively impact our home, community and work environments and live in 21st century society with courage, joy and meaning.
— Fiona Arrigo

You will walk, forage, weave, sing, dance, laugh and breathe in the fresh air surrounded by the elements and the restorative powers of the natural world. In tune with the seasons, days will be filled with crafts, wild cooking, drumming, body treatments and meditation, with personal time for writing and reflection. Mornings will begin with movement and breathing to awaken your spirit and honour the earth. Each day will end with sacred ceremonies and fire-side gatherings to honour yourself and each other. A plant-based menu of thoughtfully prepared meals using local ingredients is specially designed to clean, nourish, invigorate and energise. Read about us in the press here.

This precious time, complete with the gentle confiscation of our devices, allows us to tune into deeper impulses that are so often muted by the busyness of our ‘stuffocted’ lives. Held in the safety of this retreat, we convene several times daily in a womb-like yurt, upon which sheepksins, cushions, candles and bundles of wild flowers are lavished.
— 2019

Back to Nurture retreats take place deep in the Somerset countryside in luxury campsites and rural retreats. These group retreats include women only gatherings, and can also be arranged for families, groups of friends or for business relationship building. They will appeal to those looking to connect more deeply to nature, others and their authentic self; those wishing to discharge stress and exhaustion; those looking to find wellbeing, creativity, hope and to dream. Body treatment sessions such as massage and reflexology are available at an additional cost during your stay. Special diets can be catered for. A Spa Menu of highly acclaimed Arrigo body work sessions is also available and will be sent on booking. We to invite you to rest, reset and restore. The cost is from £1,695 per person for 4 days.

In a world where demands are many and neediness is considered unattractive, it takes guts to admit that we’re tired, that we’re lonely, or sad. It takes courage to surrender. Stigmas still surround womanhood, both in its modern and ancient senses. Back To Nurture is a haven in which I am able to relinquish my tight hold on appearing ‘capable’, finding strength in admissions of my fallibilities, pride in my femaleness, joy in the recognition of my primal knowledge, and trust in my innate power.
— In The Moment 2019
We live in an interconnected world and in an interconnected time, so we need holistic solutions to our interconnected problems.
— Naomi Klein

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