The Arrigo Programme, known worldwide for its excellence, is based on the philosophy of support to achieve deep, transformational and lasting change, from the inside out.

Nothing here is ordinary. There is something about this level of care that sets you on a new path.
— Daisy Finer, as Spa Editor, Conde Nast Traveller

Arrigo Programme retreats takes place in individual, private and secure country cottages in rural Somerset. All our retreats are totally bespoke to meet the needs of each individual and are a minimum of four days.

Your personal retreat programme

Following an introductory consultation with Fiona Arrigo, you will be invited to your own country cottage, complete with fresh flowers and fragrant candles. This is your welcoming and warm, personal sanctuary. Your stay with us is treated as strictly confidential. Your personal housekeeper will arrive every morning to tidy and make breakfast. Your chosen menu is freshly prepared for you daily by our cook and brought to your cottage, allowing you to choose when to eat. Your therapists visit according to your treatment schedule.

There are generally four therapeutic treatments a day, each lasting 1 - 2 hours. These may be such as Acupuncture, Tibetan Pulsing, Massage, Breathwork, Kinesiology, Pilates, Psychotherapy and others, curated by expert Practitioners. Woven in between body and emotional therapy is time for rest and reflection: opportunities to simply stop and regain perspective. All Arrigo Programme retreats are designed and overseen by Fiona Arrigo, even if not always present in person. All Practitioners report directly to her after each session so she can oversee your treatment and how it is working for you. As your Programme is a dynamic process Fiona may make changes to your treatment schedule as required and according to your response to your therapy. Your treatments start as soon as you arrive and continue to your time of departure.

An Arrigo Programme Retreat sets you on the path to recovery and renewal, and we continue to support this after your retreat ends. There is a conversation with Fiona by Skype or telephone after your retreat, as you integrate your treatment and return to everyday life. You are invited to touch base with our Programme in other ways - one-to-one sessions, Skype support, clinic days, workshops.

Residential Retreats includes personal attendance by Senior Arrigo Practitioners or Fiona Arrigo for deeper emotional healing, in addition to therapeutic team treatments daily. This costs from £1,895 per day. Other retreat combinations may be costed on application.

Clinical Residential Retreats that include working with our top clinical Practitioners and Consultants are costed individually according to specific treatment required. Costs discussed on application.

Change for Life Programmes for in depth treatment, typically 7 - 30 days, are also available and are costed individually.

To find out more about booking a personal Retreat Programme, please call or email using our contact form so we can call you to speak about what you require and how we can help.

Nothing compares to the bespoke West Country retreats created by psychotherapist and healer Fiona Arrigo, whose burnt-out clients jet in from all corners of the earth to decamp to one of her sweet cottages (prepped with flowers, candles, log fires and hot baths) for some highly focused TLC.
— House & Garden 2017
The Arrigo Programme gives you the ultimate gift of going back to ‘you’ - the ‘you’ that gets lost in deadlines, suppressed by ‘priorities’ and buried under pressures. It’s the ‘you’ that silently screams that you have forgotten to listen. It’s a truly joyous journey because you know instinctively that you are going home.

Where else would you get such extraordinary attention and a chance to escape everyday strain in such a perfectly orchestrated environment? You don’t have to think about anything practical – just focus on letting go. Your package is couture, created by biodynamic psychotherapist Fiona Arrigo and her SWAT-team who swoop in and help with all manner of grief, addiction, trauma, depression and exhaustion by addressing what’s cooking in your body and nervous system.
— Tatler Spa Guide 2013